1 At A Glance State Statutes and Resolutions ACEs/Trauma-Informed Policy (Revised 2-2019) STATE CITATION/

1 At A Glance State Statutes and Resolutions ACEs/Trauma-Informed Policy (Revised 2-2019) STATE CITATION/ BILL # TOPIC/ CATEGORY SUMMARY AC/ATH POST Alabama Alaska Enrolled SB 105 (2018) Chapter 75 SLA 181 Signed 8/6/18 State policy directive Declares that it is the policy of the state “to acknowledge and take into account the principles of early childhood and youth brain development and, whenever possible, consider the concepts of early adversity, toxic stress, childhood trauma, and the promotion of resilience through protective relationships, supports, selfregulation, and services.” Alaska passes trauma-informed legislation2 Arizona Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 8-4713 2014 Training Child welfare investigators shall receive training that includes impact and intervention practices related to ACEs N/A Arizona Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 8-8024 2014 Training Child safety workers shall be trained and demonstrate competency in impact and intervention practices related to ACEs N/A Arkansas California ACR 1555 Framing The legislature urges the CA Senate unanimously approves 1 http://www.akleg.gov/basis/Bill/Text/30?Hsid=SB0105Z 2 https://www.acesconnection.com/blog/alaska-passes-trauma-informed-legislation 3 http://www.azleg.gov/viewdocument/?docName=http://www.azleg.gov/ars/8/00471.htm 4 http://www.azleg.gov/viewdocument/?docName=http://www.azleg.gov/ars/8/00802.htm 5 https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billNavClient.xhtml?bill_id=201320140ACR155 2 Filed 9/2/2014 resolution Governor to reduce children’s exposure to ACEs, address the impact of ACEs, and invest in preventive health care and mental health and wellness interventions ACEs reduction resolution6 California AB 3407 Signed 10-13-17 Health Care Establishes an advisory working group to address trauma screening under the Medi-Cal (Medicaid) Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment Program (EPSDT) N/A California AB 13408 Signed 10/13/17 Medical Education Medical Board to consider including a course for primary care providers on integrated mental and physical health care, expressly to identify and treat mental health issues in children and young adults. N/A California ACR 2359 Enacted 6/13/18 Framing resolution Designates a specified date as Trauma Informed Awareness Day, in conjunction with National Trauma Informed Awareness Day, to highlight the impact of trauma and the importance of prevention and community resilience through trauma informed care. N/A California S. 84010 Signed 6/27/18 Funding Makes appropriation for the upcoming fiscal year, including provisions to support the All Children Thrive (ACT/CA) pilot program to address childhood trauma. N/A California S. 1004 Quality Requires the Mental Health N/A 6 https://acestoohigh.com/2014/08/21/ca-senate-unanimously-approves-aces-reduction-resolution/ 7 http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billNavClient.xhtml?bill_id=201720180AB340 8 https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billTextClient.xhtml?bill_id=201720180AB1340 9 https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billNavClient.xhtml?bill_id=201720180ACR235 10https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billNavClient.xhtml?bill_id=201720180SB840 3 (Chapter 843)11 Signed 9/27/18 Services Oversight and Accountability Commission to establish priorities for the use of prevention and early intervention funds and to develop a statewide strategy for monitoring implementation of prevention and early intervention services, including enhancing public understanding, creating metrics for assessing the effectiveness of how these funds are used, and measuring the outcomes that are achieved. Amends the Mental Health Services Act as relates to counties. California A. 1812 (Chapter 36)12 Signed 6/27/18 Funding Establishes the Youth Reinvestment Grant Program. Provides funds to local jurisdictions and Indian tribes for the implementation of trauma-informed diversion programs for minors. N/A Colorado Connecticut Delaware Executive Order 2413 Signed 10-17-18 Framing To make Delaware a traumainformed state N/A District of Columbia Act Number A22-036614 Signed 5/21/18 Mental Health To establish a Maternal Mental Health Task Force, defining home visiting program to include reduction of ACEs N/A District of Columbia D.C. Act 22- 39815 Education Directs the office of education to reduce out-ofN/A 11http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billNavClient.xhtml?bill_id=201720180SB1004 12https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billTextClient.xhtml?bill_id=201720180AB1812 13 https://governor.delaware.gov/executive-orders/eo24/ 14 http://lims.dccouncil.us/Legislation/B22-0172?FromSearchResults=true 15 http://lims.dccouncil.us/Legislation/B22-0594?FromSearchResults=true 4 7/12/2018 school suspensions, expulsions, and disciplinary unenrollments and foster positive school climate District of Columbia Act Number A22-0453 Birth to Three for All DC16 Signed 9/5/2018 Health Care To establish and lead a Healthy Steps Pediatric Primary Care Demonstration Program to implement Healthy Steps N/A Florida Chapter 2015- 79, Committee Substitute for SB No. 707817 Approved by Governor 5/21/15 Funding Requires community-based organizations that provide child protective services for the state to “give priority to the use of services that are evidence-based and traumainformed.” N/A Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois 2017 Illinois SB 565, Public Act 99-092718 Adopted 1/20/17 Education Legislation to require social and emotional screenings for children as part of the their school entry examinations. Illinois Governor signs law to include social emotional screening in school health examinations19 Illinois H.R. 75120 Adopted 3/8/18 Domestic Violence Declares domestic violence a public health priority for the state and urges the state to make available all necessary resources to combat this epidemic N/A 16 http://lims.dccouncil.us/Legislation/B22-0203?FromSearchResults=true 17 https://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2015/7078 18http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/billstatus.asp?DocNum=0565&GAID=13&GA=99&DocTypeID=SB&LegID=84528&Sessio nID=88&SpecSess= 19 http://www.acesconnection.com/blog/illinois-governor-signs-law-to-include-social-emotional-screening-in-schoolhealth-examinations 20http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/billstatus.asp?DocNum=751&GAID=14&GA=100&DocTypeID=HR&LegID=108701&Sess ionID=91 5 Illinois SJR5021 Adopted 11/14/18 Domestic Violence Declares domestic violence a public health priority for the state and urges the state to make available all necessary resources to combat this epidemic N/A Illinois H.R. 79522 Adopted 5/10/18 Education Urges the state to make school climate and culture a priority. N/A Illinois S.B. 1851, Public Act 100-064623 Signed 7/27/18 Health Care Amends the Public Aid Code, establishes regulation relating to managed care plan services, relates to children enrolled in a Medicaid managed care plan, requires the Department to provide the necessary services that are in the best interest of a child whether they are direct or indirect, provides Departmental duties, establishes the Child Welfare Medicaid Managed Care Implementation Advisory Workgroup, provides for public hearings regarding the implementation of managed care services. N/A Indiana H.B. 1421, Public Law 15124 Signed 3/19/18 Education Reduces out-of-school suspension and disproportionality in discipline and expulsion and urges an appropriate interim study committee to examine the use of positive student discipline and restorative justice practices by elementary and secondary N/A 21http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/billstatus.asp?DocNum=50&GAID=14&GA=100&DocTypeID=SJR&LegID=109162&Sessi onID=91 22http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/billstatus.asp?DocNum=795&GAID=14&GA=100&DocTypeID=HR&LegID=109378&Sess ionID=91 23http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/billstatus.asp?DocNum=1851&GAID=14&GA=100&DocTypeID=SB&LegID=104985&Ses sionID=91 24 http://iga.in.gov/legislative/2018/bills/house/1421#digest-heading 6 schools. Iowa S211325 Signed 3/29/18 Education Requires school employee training and protocols relating to suicide prevention and the identification of ACEs and strategies to mitigate toxic stress response N/A Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Public Law, Chapter 312 (LD 1108) 26 Veto overridden 8/2/17 Health Care To strengthen Public Health Nursing, including early identification of ACEs, in response to opioid epidemic N/A Maryland HB 1582, Act No 40727 Signed 5/8/18 Health Care Establishing a State Medical Director for Children in Outof-Home Placement in the Department of Human Services, ACEs noted in “whereas” section. N/A Massachusetts Massachusett s Safe and Supportive Schools No. 4376 (Chapter 284, Section 6, )114, & 11528 Signed 8/13/2014 Education To establish a statewide “safe and supportive schools framework” to assist schools to create safe and supportive learning environments “that improve educational outcomes for students.” MA” safe and supportive schools” provisions signed into law boosts trauma informed school movement29 MA implements the 2014 safe and supportive school framework law30 Massachusetts H. 4742, Act No. 40831 Addiction Provides for the prevention and access to appropriate N/A 25 https://www.legis.iowa.gov/legislation/BillBook?ga=87&ba=SF%202113 26 http://legislature.maine.gov/LawMakerWeb/summary.asp?ID=280064160 27 http://mgaleg.maryland.gov/webmga/frmMain.aspx?id=hb1582&stab=01&pid=billpage&tab=subject3&ys=2018RS 28 https://malegislature.gov/Laws/SessionLaws/Acts/2014/Chapter284 29http://acestoohigh.com/2014/08/13/massachusetts-safe-and-supportive-schools-provisions-signed-into-law-booststrauma-informed-school-movement/ 30http://www.acesconnection.com/blog/massachusetts-implements-the-two-year-old-safe-and-supportive-schoolsframework-law 7 Signed 8/9/18 care and treatment of addiction to opioids, establishes a Commission on Community Behavioral Health Promotion and Prevention to promote positive mental, emotional, and behavioral health and early invention for persons with mental illness and for the prevention of substance use disorders among Commonwealth residents, establishes the Community Behavioral Health Promotion and Prevention Trust Fund. Michigan Minnesota Minnesota Statutes § 245.4889S32 2017, 1st Special Session Training Eligible services under Children’s Mental Health grants include training for parents, collaborative partners, and mental health providers on the impact of ACEs and trauma N/A Mississippi Missouri MO. Revised Statutes, Chapter 161, Sections 161.1050.133 161.105534 2016 Education Creates the T-I Schools Initiative that includes providing information on the trauma-informed approach to all school districts N/A Missouri Chapter 217, Sec. 217.01535 2018 Corrections To ensure that female offenders are provided a continuum of genderresponsive and traumainformed supervision strategies N/A Missouri Chapter 210, 210.103036 Task Force Creates the “TraumaInformed Care for Children 31 https://malegislature.gov/Bills/190/H4742 32 https://www.revisor.mn.gov/statutes/cite/245.4889 33 http://revisor.mo.gov/main/OneSection.aspx?section=161.1050&bid=33168&hl= 34 http://revisor.mo.gov/main/OneSection.aspx?section=161.1055&bid=33169&hl= 35 http://revisor.mo.gov/main/OneSection.aspx?section=217.015&bid=35645&hl=Trauma-informed%u2044 8 2018 and Families Task Force” to promote the healthy development of children and their families Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico N.M. Stat. § 32A-23B-237 2016 Home Visiting The services provided through the home visiting program must promote child well-being and prevent ACEs N/A New York Chapter 460 (S 8000, A 10063-B)38 Signed 12-21-18 Education Authorizes and directs the commissioner of education to conduct a study on the effects of trauma on child development and learning and report the findings of such study and any recommendations to the governor and legislature. North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma SB 1517 (Act No 112)39 Signed 4/25/18 (For bill tracking, go to OK legislature site40 and choose 2018) Regular Task Force Establishes the Task Force on Trauma-Informed Care to identify, evaluate, recommend, maintain and update a set of best practices for youth who have experienced or are at risk of experiencing trauma, especially adverse childhood experiences. OK Trauma-Informed Care task force to launch41 36 http://revisor.mo.gov/main/OneSection.aspx?section=210.1030&bid=35620&hl=Trauma-informed%u2044 37 https://law.justia.com/codes/new-mexico/2016/chapter-32a/article-23b/section-32a-23b-2/ 38 https://nyassembly.gov/leg/?default_fld=&leg_video=&bn=S08000&term=2017&Summary=Y 39https://custom.statenet.com/public/resources.cgi?id=ID:bill:OK2017000S1517&ciq=ncsl9&client_md=43651e1646097 4cc348a538a51fa10cb&mode=current_text 40 http://www.oklegislature.gov/AdvancedSearchForm.aspx 41 https://www.acesconnection.com/blog/ok-trauma-informed-care-task-force-to-launch 9 Session) Oklahoma S. 1081 (Act No. 231)42 Signed 5/7/18 (For bill tracking, go to OK legislature site43 and choose 2018 Regular Session) Funding Creates the Children’s Endowment Fund to stimulate new programs, activities, research or evaluation that will improve the well-being and reduce the adverse childhood experiences of Oklahoma’s children. N/A Oregon Or. Rev. Stat. § 414.62944 (SB 902 signed 6-11-15) 45 Health Care Requires community health improvement plans to be based on research, including research into ACEs N/A Oregon H.B. 4002 (Chapter 68)46 Signed 3-29-16 Education State education agencies to address chronic absences of students and provide funding for t-I approaches in schools Oregon Governor Kate Brown signs landmark trauma-Informed education bill into law47 Oregon HCR 3348 Filed 6-8-17 Resolution Encouraging state officers, agencies and employees to become informed regarding impacts of trauma and to implement evidence-based trauma-informed care practices and interventions. N/A Oregon SB 241 49 Signed 9-19-17 Justice Establishes a Bill of Rights for children with incarcerated parents that includes the right to be protected from additional trauma at the time of parental arrest N/A 42https://custom.statenet.com/public/resources.cgi?id=ID:bill:OK2017000S1081&ciq=ncsl9&client_md=4b8f3f013b1cce 8f01f30644c8952117&mode=current_text 43 http://www.oklegislature.gov/AdvancedSearchForm.aspx 44 https://www.oregonlegislature.gov/bills_laws/ors/ors414.html 45 https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2015R1/Measures/Overview/SB902 46 https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2016R1/Measures/Overview/HB4002 47 https://acestoohigh.com/2016/04/03/oregon-governor-kate-brown-signs-landmark-trauma-informed-education-billinto-law/ 48 https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2017R1/Measures/Overview/HCR33 49 https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2017R1/Measures/Overview/SB241 10 Pennsylvania S. 1142 (ACT No. 44)50 Signed 6/22/18) Education Establishes the School Safety and Security Grant Program and related Fund. Funds can be used for the administration of evidencebased screenings for adverse childhood experiences and to provide trauma-informed counseling services as necessary to students based upon screening results. N/A Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee S. 1386 (Act No. 723)51 Signed 4/18/18 Education Requires the Department of Education to develop an evidence-based training program on adverse childhood experiences for school leaders and teachers. N/A Texas SB 135652 Signed 6-14-13 Training Requires juvenile justice staff to receive T-I training N/A Texas Chapter 161 Human Resources Code (HB 2789)53 Signed 6-17-15 Training Requires trauma-informed training for employees of state supported living centers and intermediate care facilities N/A Utah Utah H.C.R. 1054 Signed 3-22-17 Framing resolution The legislature and the Governor encourage all state officers and employees to become informed about the impact to children and adults from traumatic childhood Utah Governor Gary Herbert signs resolution to encourage state policies & programs based on ACEs science55 50 https://www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/billinfo/bill_history.cfm?syear=2017&sind=0&body=S&type=B&bn=1142 51http://wapp.capitol.tn.gov/apps/BillInfo/Default.aspx?BillNumber=SB1386&GA=110 52 https://legiscan.com/TX/text/SB1356/id/817334 53 https://legiscan.com/TX/text/HB2789/id/1238251 54 https://le.utah.gov/%7E2017/bills/static/HCR010.html 55 https://acestoohigh.com/2017/04/02/utah-gov-gary-herbert-signs-resolution-to-encourage-state-policies-andprograms-based-on-aces-science/ 11 experiences and implement evidence-based interventions to develop resiliency Utah H. 26456 Signed 3/22/18 Education Authorizes grants for schoolbased counselors and social workers. Authorizes grants to schools to provide targeted school-based mental health supports in elementary schools, including traumainformed care. N/A Vermont S. 596, Act 144 57 Signed 5/27/2014 Health Care Requires a review of evidence-based materials on the relationship of ACEs and population health and address ACE-informed medical practice Vermont legislator hopes to transform his “Adverse Legislative Experience (ALE)”58 Vermont S. 139, Vt. Act 54 of 2015, in Section 5659 Signed 6-5-15 Health Care Requires the Blueprint for Health to work on familycentered approaches and ACEs screening consistent with a report “Integrating ACE-Informed Practice into the Blueprint for Health” N/A Vermont H. 508, No. 4360 Signed 5-22-17 Health Care Establishes ACEs Working Group to analyze existing resources related to building resilience in early childhood and propose appropriate structures to serve children experiencing trauma Implementation of new VT law begins with appointment of legislators to bicameral, bipartisan ACEs Working Group61 Vermont HJR 2, Act R262 6-25-18 Immigration Condemns the recently reversed federal policy of separating children from their families at the southern international border, expressing a profound hope N/A 56 https://le.utah.gov/~2018/bills/static/HB0264.html 57https://legislature.vermont.gov/bill/status/2014/H.596 58 https://acestoohigh.com/2014/05/26/vermont-legislator-hopes-to-transform-his-adverse-legislative-experience-ale/ 59https://legislature.vermont.gov/bill/status/2016/S.139 60 https://legislature.vermont.gov/bill/status/2018/H.508 61 https://acestoohigh.com/2017/08/13/implementation-of-new-vermont-law-begins-with-the-appointment-oflegislators-to-bicameral-bipartisan-aces-working-group/ 62 https://legislature.vermont.gov/bill/status/2018.1/J.R.H.2 12 that the family separation policy will not be reinstated, and imploring the Department of Homeland Security to reunite the separated families immediately. Vermont S.261, Act 20463 Signed 5-30- 18 Structural Establishes the permanent position of Director of Trauma Prevention and Resilience Development within the Office of the Secretary in the Agency of Human Services to direct a coordinated public health approach across the state government to address childhood adversity, mitigate toxic stress and build resilience. N/A Vermont S.280 Act 20764 Signed 5-30- 18 Poverty Establishes the Advisory Council on Child Poverty and Strengthening Families. The Council will provide guidance and recommend policies that reduce incidences of or mitigate the effects of childhood poverty. N/A Virginia House Joint Resolution No. 65365 Agreed to in House 1-17-17 and Senate 1- 19-17 Commending resolution To commend TraumaInformed Community Networks for their work to promote best practices, to address childhood trauma and toxic stress, and to become trauma-informed, resilient communities N/A Washington Wash. Rev. Code § 70.305.005 et.seq (HB1965)66 Structural Provided a framework for a private-public initiative to address ACEs N/A 63 https://legislature.vermont.gov/bill/status/2018/S.261 64 https://legislature.vermont.gov/bill/status/2018/S.280 65 https://lis.virginia.gov/cgi-bin/legp604.exe?ses=171&typ=bil&val=HJ653 66 https://app.leg.wa.gov/billsummary?BillNumber=1965&Year=2011&Initiative=false 13 Signed 6-15-11 Washington House Bill 1713, Chapter 202, Laws of 201767 Signed 5-5-17 Mental Health Implementing recommendations from the children’s mental health work group, including a child care consultation program for traumatized children N/A Washington H.1482, Chapter 126, 2018 Laws68 Signed 3-21- 18 Task Force Establishes the WorkFirst Poverty Reduction Oversight Task Force, which will collaborate with an advisory committee to develop and monitor strategies to prevent and address adverse childhood experiences and reduce intergenerational poverty. N/A Washington H.2861, Chapter 231, 2018 Laws69 Signed 3-22- 18 Child Care Directs the Department of Children, Youth, and Families to develop a five-year strategy to expand training in trauma-informed child care for early learning providers statewide and reduce expulsions from early learning environments. N/A West Virginia H.4402, Act No. 7470 Signed 3-27- 18 Education Requires that children in grades K-12 receive ageappropriate sexual abuse education at least once during the academic year. Establishes standards for training requirements of all public school employees, including how to prevent child sexual abuse, recognize and respond to suspected abuse and neglect, and utilize research on adverse childhood experiences and N/A 67 https://app.leg.wa.gov/billsummary?BillNumber=1713&Initiative=false&Year=2017 68 https://app.leg.wa.gov/billsummary?BillNumber=1482&Initiative=false&Year=2017 69 https://app.leg.wa.gov/billsummary?BillNumber=2861&Initiative=false&Year=2017 70 http://www.wvlegislature.gov/Bill_Status/bills_history.cfm?INPUT=4402&year=2018&sessiontype=RS 14 trauma-informed care. Wisconsin Senate Joint Resolution 5971 Report enrolled 1-17-14 Framing resolution The state legislature will consider the principles of early childhood brain development, toxic stress, early adversity, and buffering relationships, and note the role of early intervention and investment in early childhood years N/A Wisconsin Wis. Stat. § 48.54572 (Language added in 2015 Act 55, section 1678v73, WI Legislative Reference Bureau) Funding Brighter futures initiative provides funding for entities for programs that prevent and reduce the incidence of adverse early childhood experiences in children 8 years of age and under and reduces the effects of those experiences through behavioral health and other services. N/A Wisconsin A.843, 2017 Wisconsin Act 14374 Signed 3-26- 18 Education Creates the Office of School Safety and requires the office to train school staff on school safety, trauma-informed care and how adverse childhood experiences have an impact on child development and increases the need for counseling or support. N/A Wyoming Legend: ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences); T-I (Trauma-Informed); AC/ATH (ACEs Connection/ACEs Too High); N/A (Not applicable) 71 https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2013/proposals/sjr59 72 http://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/statutes/statutes/48/XI/545 73 http://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2015/related/acts/55/1678v/_2 74 https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2017/proposals/reg/asm/bill/ab843

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