3: Draw a level 2 data flow diagram (DFD) for the case described below

Transcribed Image Text: Q No. 3: Draw a level 2 data flow diagram (DFD) for the case described below.
Blood Bank Testing Unit System
The Blood Bank Testing Unit. This is one unit within the College Street Red Cross
Blood Donor Centre. On the day following a blood donation, the Blood Bank unit
tests all blood for blood type and potential viral agents. They send the results of
these tests to the Processing Office (another unit of the Centre). For each tested
blood unit, they fill out a form which lists the blood unit number, the blood type,
the date and the results of the test. If the tests indicate that the blood may be
contaminated with a viral agent, the blood unit is destroyed. This is indicated on the
test form.
Blood units have a limited shelf life. The Blood Bank receives a list every day of
those units which have exceeded their shelf life. These are discarded and the list
sent back to the Processing Office with a signed indication of the disposal of the
The Blood Bank also distributes blood to various hospitals requesting blood.
Requests usually come in for specific blood types. The Blood Bank prepares
refrigerated containers of these units and distributes them to the hospital vans
when they arrive to pick up their supply. The Blood Bank receives a listing for each
hospital and the specific units of blood to supply to the hospital from the Processing
Office. The order is printed in triplicate. When the order is filled, the lab technician
signs the order and returns a copy to the Processing Office. A copy of it travels with
the blood to the requesting hospital. The final copy is kept in the Blood Bank
records but discarded after one year.


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