400 Word Blog Soc350

Write a blog offering a unique but informed opinion supported by scholarly research and empirical evidence on questions of diversity, exclusion and inclusion.

You will have freedom to choose the topic and the particular angle of the issue as you wish to explore it, but there are some clear parameters you’ll need to follow. Each blog entry must have:

Minimum 400 words (15% penalty for falling short of the word count)
2 citations of an academic source (a relevant peer-reviewed article) from outside of class. Hint: Wikipedia is not an academic source. Sources may not be reused week-to-week.
1 citation of a news media article relevant to the topic.
At least 1 audio or visual element that adds substantial content to support your argument. This could be a link to a video, pictures, etc.
I have to turn this in no later than 11:59pm Pacific Time, Friday.

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