6.4 Nonprofit Fundraising Case Study: Part II

The purpose of the Case Study (Part Two) is to build upon the work you have done in Case Study (Part One). The organization that you selected as your preference in Part One will be the subject of Part Two. Develop a fundraising campaign for the organization utilizing one of the methods discussed in the course readings. The campaign is one project spelled out in detail, not a yearlong series of projects. Write up the proposed campaign and find a nonprofit fundraising professional in a different organization than the one with which you are working who will critique the proposal. Have that individual write the critique and sign off on your proposal in a letter. Attach the letter signed by the person critiquing your work. The letter may be scanned or sent in email format but must be included with the paper. The assignment also includes an interview with a manager within the organization with fundraising responsibilities to verify the feasibility of the project. That manager must also provide a written statement as to his/her opinion of the feasibility of the project. Again, the statement may be scanned or sent in email format but must be included with the paper.

Be sure to provide the name of the organization, the mission statement, description of services, and annual budget, as you have done in Part 1. This material should be no more than one (1) page. Develop a slogan and strategy. Attach a sketch of your logo. The logo is to be an original creation and specific to the campaign. The logo is to be original art and may be hand-drawn or computer-generated. It should be scanned and included with your submission. We are not looking for professional artists, per se. But we are looking for original creativity. Include a specific description of your target audience (donors), and a rationale for focusing on this demographic. The project must include a social media component but may also incorporate other fundraising strategies appropriate to the target audience and the organization for whom the funds are being raised. The paper must include a budget that reflects both financial and human resources to carry out the campaign. Further, identify a revenue target, as well as what percentage that target represents of the organization’s total budget. Produce a timeline of activities leading up to the event and then for follow-up afterward. As always, the paper should reference material from our text reading materials.

This second paper should also be 6-8 pages of text in length, not counting a title page, bibliography page, slogan page, logo page, and sign-off messages from the outside party critiquing the plan and the inside party commenting on feasibility of the project. The use of bulleted lists is acceptable where appropriate.


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