Acquired Intelligence & Adaptive Behaviour

Acquired Intelligence &
Adaptive Behaviour
Christopher L. Buckley

● Submit a 3 minute video (it will be penalised for being longer) on Canvas
● You should also submit the presentation slides.
● Submit Friday at 5pm week 11
● On a paper of your choice
● At least two of the figures should be created by you to illustrate a point
● Don’t just cut and paste the figures.
● Submit narrated slides, or a video of the slides and yourself. Many bits of
software to achieve this
● Im flexible on format but I might must be able to open it.

● Presentation on an aspect of AI, preferably related to the module but very
● Based your presentation on a scientific paper.
● You should sum up the central point of the paper and select one or two
aspects to present in more detail.
● You don’t have to present the whole paper.
Marking Criterion
● The quality of the slides and figures you create.
● The clarity and structure of the presentation
● Timekeeping
● Content. Demonstrate you understand and have thought critically about the
Presentation Tips
1. The audience determines the talk (think about your
2. Practice almost makes perfect.
3. Nervous energy is exploitable.
4. Every talk should motivate a problem.
5. The talk is about an idea, not a paper.
6. Slides must not overwhelm the viewer.

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