7th edition APA guidelines

Use the 7th edition APA guidelines to write a 4-6 page paper about your philosophy of learning and your philosophy of teaching. The cover page and reference page are not included in the length.

o Write about what you believe, what the research says, and what this looks like in your work with young children.

· Use a minimum of 4 current and reliable sources.

· Include:

o Introduction

o What the paper is about, why it is important to have a philosophy, what a philosophy does, etc. …

o Body (your ideas and beliefs supported by research and connected to theory; you can combine learning and teaching, or you can separate them into two sections of the paper, but they both need to be addressed thoughtfully in the paper)…

o Learning – how children learn best, what children need to learn…

o Teaching – best practices, specific examples of what this looks like and what you should do in your day to day work with children…

o Conclusion

Summarize your paper, what does this mean for you as an educator?

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