A Patient In A Mental Hospital Exhibits Disordered Thinking, Perceptual Abnormalities, Unusual Emotions

A Patient In A Mental Hospital Exhibits Disordered Thinking, Perceptual Abnormalities, Unusual Emotions, And Suspiciousness. This Person Is Probably Suffering From A. Schizophrenia B. Bipolar Disorder D. A Dissociative Disorder 2. The Belief That You Are A Special Agent For The Intergalactic Supernova Is An Example Of A A. Loose Association. C. Delusion.
1. A patient in a mental hospital exhibits disordered thinking, perceptual abnormalities, unusual emotions, and
suspiciousness. This person is probably suffering from
a. schizophrenia
b. bipolar disorder
d. a dissociative disorder
2. The belief that you are a special agent for the Intergalactic Supernova is an example of a
a. loose association.
c. delusion.
d. negative symptom.
During an interview, a patient says he has frequently seen a hand come out of the bathroom sink to grab a bar of
soap. The psychologist who is conducting the interview most likely writes that the patient presents evidence of
a. delusions
b. loose associations.
c. negative symptoms.
d. hallucinations.
4.The substance known as
has been implicated in the development of schizophrenic symptoms
a. melatonin
b. norepinephrine
c. serotonin
d. dopamine
5.A person who suffers from bipolar disorder alternates between
a. depression and mania
b. depression and schizophrenia.
c. mania and schizophrenia.
d. anxiety and mania.
6. While Sid is sitting at his desk at work an image of harming his young son pops into his m
occurs, he touches all four comers of his desk in a particular order. Sid probably suffers from
a. generalized anxiety disorder.
b. agoraphobia
c. obsessive-compulsive disorder
d. panic disorder
ind. Each time t
7. Which of the following people is most likely to commit suicide?
a. an elderly white male
b. an adolescent white male
c. an elderly African-American male
d. an adolescent African-American male

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