ACG4342 – Writing Project – Part 3

You are a manager at PopUp Company, who manufactures toaster ovens. Your company produces two types of toaster ovens: basic and deluxe. PopUp Company currently uses a traditional unit-based costing system, however, you feel strongly the company should switch to an activity-based costing system. You believe this change would provide you more accurate costing information, which would allow for better strategic decision making. You need to prepare a number of documents in order to convince the CFO to change the current cost management system used by your company.

Prepare a 3-page memo addressed to the CFO summarizing your findings (Please check the attached file), and why you believe the activity-based costing method gives you more useful information to make decisions for the company. Include in the memo at least 4 ratios that you feel highlight your position that activity-based costing is more useful…


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