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Research Log Project Part 2

Note: This project has not yet been saved.

Instructions: Work through each step of this log,answering each question as the directions indicate. Step 1 is notgraded. Steps 2 through 5 will each receive a grade, and the sum ofthese grades will constitute your total grade for Research Log ProjectPart 2. Refer to the section on how each step of the log will be gradedfor detailed grading information.

Step 1: Thinking Back to Research Log Project Part 1

A. Research Question

Record your research question from Research Project Log Part 1(Step 1)

B. Original Boolean Search Statement

Record your original search statementfrom Research Log Project Part 1 (Step 3)

How will Step 1 be graded?

Step 1 will not receive a grade.

Step 2: UMUC Library Database Search

A. Database Search

Use the search statement you recorded in Step 1, Part B to searchin one of the following UMUC library databases:

  • Academic Search Complete
  • MasterFILE Premier

Which database did you search?

Hint: Refer to Week 2 for a review of UMUC librarydatabases.

B. Review Search Results

Review the search results from the database search you performedin Step 2, Part A and answer all of the following questions:

Were you ableto successfully use the search statement from Step 1, Part Bin the database, or did you receive an error/search failedmessage when trying your search?


I was able to successfully use the original

search statement from Step 1, Part B in the database.

No, the search was unsuccessful and I received an error/search failed message.

If you received an error/search failed message from the database, wereyou able to identify the problem with your search statement?

N/A—I did

not receive an error/search failed message.

Yes, I was able to identify why I received an error/search failed


No, I was unable to identify why I received an error/search failed


Did you have to revise thesearch statement you created in Step 1, Part B in order to retrievesearch results in the database search you performedin Step 2, Part A?

Yes, I had torevise the search statement in order to retrieverelevant search results in the database.No, I did not have to revise the search statement in orderto retrieve relevant search results in thedatabase.

Identify and list additional keywords thatyou may use to search further on this topic by reviewingarticle titles, article abstracts, subject headings, and thearticles themselves.

Hint: Refer to Week 2 for a review of databases, including subject headings in databases.

C. Revised Search Statement

Review your instructor’s comments from Research Log Project Part 1for ways to improve your search statement. Review the additionalkeywords you identified in the box above (in Step 2, Part B). Based onthis information, enter a revised search statement in the box below,using more effective search terms and techniques.

Hint: The revised search statement must be differentin some way than the search statement that you used in Research LogProject Part 1 (Step 3) and recorded above in Step 1, Part B. Review thehints and examples in Research Log Project Part 1. For example, youmight add, subtract, or change alternative search terms, or you mightalter your use of truncation to discover more focused, relevant results.Refer to Week 1 for a review of Boolean operators, search statements,and advanced searching techniques.

How will Step 2 be graded?

Unsatisfactory (0–2 points): Does not list alternative relevant keywords, or the search statement is not revised, or both.

Satisfactory (3–4 points): The revised search statement is adequateand demonstrates some appropriate advanced searching techniquescorrectly, but does not incorporate instructor feedback from ResearchLog Project Part 1 or choice of alternative keywords does not reflectcareful review of search results.

Excellent (5 points): Lists alternative relevant keywords thatdemonstrate the student reviewed article titles, abstracts, subjectheadings, and articles. The search statement is effectively revisedbased on both instructor feedback from Research Log Project Part 1 anddatabase search results from Step 2 and expertly demonstrates advancedsearching techniques.

Step 3: Research Guide Search

Try your search statement in a different UMUC library database than the one you searched in Step 2, Part A. Consult a research guideon the UMUC Library website appropriate to your research question tohelp you identify the relevant databases in which to research yourtopic. Do not use UMUC OneSearch for this project.

A. Research Guide

What is the name of the research guideyou used to locate an appropriate database in which to search?

Example: Guide to Economics and Finance

Hint: Refer to Week 2 for a review of research guides.

B. Database Name

What is the name of the database in which yousearched?

Example: PubMed

Hint: This must be a different database than Academic Search Complete or MasterFILE Premier.

C. Boolean Search Statement

Enter the search statement you used to successfully search the database.

Hint: You can use the revised search statement that you recorded above (Step 2, Part C) or a new, further revised search statement.This must be the statement that you used to get the results recorded in Step 5 below.

How will Step 3 be graded?

Unsatisfactory (0–2 point): The selected database is not new or froman appropriate research guide; the search statement did not work in theselected database.

Satisfactory (3–4 points): The selected database is from anappropriate research guide, and the search statement is adequate andproduces results in the selected database.

Excellent (5 points): The selected database is from an appropriateresearch guide, and the search statement is effectively revised andproduces results in the selected database.

Step 4: Select a Relevant Article

A. Citation Information

From the search results you retrieved in Step 3, select a full-text, in-deptharticle that is relevant to your research question. The article should not justbe a brief overview of the topic but rather should address the key concepts of yourresearch question and be as in-depth as possible, preferably written by anexpert or credentialed author(s) in the field. Record the citation informationin the spaces below.

Hint: Do NOT select newspaper or popular magazinearticles, encyclopedia entries, or very brief journal articles(including editorials or letters to the editor), that would be usefulonly for background research. The article must be an in-depth article onyour topic.

Article Title

Periodical/Publication Title (e.g.,Harvard Business Review).

B. Article Type

Is the source (periodical/publication) of the article scholarly, trade, or popular?

Hint: Refer to table 2.4 in Week 2 for a review of periodicalliterature types. Consult the database Ulrichsweb Global Serial Directory forassistance if needed.

How can you tell?

Hint: Review the article itself to describe the characteristics of the periodical type in more detail.

C. Database

In which UMUC library database did you find the full text of the selected article?

How will Step 4 be graded?

Unsatisfactory (0–2 point): The selected article is not relevant oris too brief to be useful for the topic, or the article type is notcorrectly identified.

Satisfactory (3–4 points): The selected article is relevant to the topic, and the article type is correctly identified.

Excellent (5 points): The selected article is both in-depth andhighly relevant to the topic, and the article type is correctlyidentified and fully evaluated.

Step 5: Article Evaluation

A. Evaluate the Article Content

Using the general evaluation criteria described in Week 3, explain in theboxes below how the article you selected meets each of the criteria (authority,reliability, coverage, and currency). Describe each aspect of your selected article in detail.

Hint: Refer to the table 3.2, which describesauthority, reliability, coverage, and currency.





B. Article Relevancy

Explain why you selected this particular article (Step 4) and how itis relevant to your research question. What are some specific points thearticle made that would assist you in writing a paper that addressesyour research question? Your response must be at least two completesentences.

Hint: Refer to Week 3 for information on analyzing sources and evaluating content.

How will Step 5 be graded?

Unsatisfactory (0–2 points): Does not answer all of the evaluationcriteria questions, or satisfactorily answer the article relevancyquestion, or both.

Satisfactory (3–6 points): Minimally answers the evaluation criteriaquestions, or minimally answers the article relevancy question, or both.

Very Good (7–9 points): Answers evaluation criteria questionsadequately but with little detail, or answers article relevancy questionwith little detail, or both.

Excellent (10 points): Thoroughly responds to the evaluation criteriaquestions with details about the selected article’s authority,reliability, coverage, and currency, and thoroughly responds to thearticle relevancy question.

To save a draft of your work on this project to return to at a latertime, use the Save Draft button below. The next time you return toResearch Log Project Part 2, the fields you have entered will beretrieved and entered in the project form.

Note: Most fields require text entry. If a required field isleft blank, your work will not be submitted. The empty fieldswill be marked with asterisks to make it easier for you to supply the missinginformation and resubmit the form. If there is no information to provide in aspecific field, simply type N/A.

When you have completed this project, you can submit your work to yourinstructor by using the Submit Research Log Project Part 2 for Grading button below. Review yourwork before you do this; you will be unable to edit it further after submittingit.

Click the Submit button only once. The server may take some time to process your answer.


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