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Welcome to Week 5!

You have all shown your writing skills by now. You have discovered your own styles and hidden talents, that perhaps you were not aware you had. For this Week 5, I want you to explore a new kind of piece that will awaken all your senses and develop your creativity.

1. See in Lectures Week 5 examples and resources on how to produce a creative writing essay.

2. Also, this week you will continue working on your paper 2 due week 6. This time, I want you to go out of the box, outside your comfort zone, as this will be on any research topic of your choice. It should be on a topic that you are not familiar with, but always had a particular interest to learn more about. I gave you some examples last week in a list of possible topics. Once again, please be sure to get my approval. The paper will be:

a) in APA format

b) from 4-5 pages (not including the Cover page or the annotated bibliography)

c) At lease 4 to 6 credible sources in your paper: e.g.

*It may include interviews

* Reliable real-life recounts of people who can tell you about your chosen topic first hand

* Incorporate the story-telling elements I have been telling you about in my revisions to add that special touch, human interest in your pieces, stir your readers emotions, and put all their senses to work.

3. Please, do the APA Documentation and grammar review exercises, and take the Thesis Statement Test below. These will help you immensely so that you can write an excellent second Research Paper.

4. READ: Chapter 19: Writing to the World; Chapter 20: Language that Builds Common Ground; Chapter 21: Language Variety; Chapter 52

5. Read the Lecture Folder for Week Five.


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