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Amyis seven years old and loves to play with dolls. In fact, she has more than 20Barbie dolls and lots of clothes and accessories, including three cars, a housewith furniture, and an airplane. Mattel, the manufacturer of Barbie, also sellsmany other products with the Barbie brand, such as games, notebooks, and girls’clothing, to name a few.

Part A:Amy saw a commercial on television for anewer Barbie house than the one she currently has, and of course, she wantedit. Advertising has been criticized because it is used to drive people to feela need or want. What is this called and why is advertising criticized?

Part B:One ad for Barbie shows an animatedBarbie character diving off of a diving board doing flips and twists beforelanding in a pool. The commercial was advertising a Barbie doll with a divingboard that can be attached to the side of a bathtub. Amy begged her mother forthe doll and got it, but she was very disappointed when the doll did notperform as she had seen it perform in the commercial. She realized she had tohold on to the doll to make it flip around and dive into the water. What waswrong with this ad?

Part C:What self-regulatory agencies wouldlikely be interested in evaluating advertisements for Barbie?

Part D:Amy’s mother limits Amy’s televisionviewing time because she feels there is just too much advertising influencingher child to want more stuff. However, there are restrictions regardingadvertising toward children. Briefly name and describe the laws and regulationsspecific to television advertising targeted at children.


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