an average skin (epidermal) cell has a diameter of 30 micrometers

an average skin (epidermal) cell has a diameter of 30 micrometers.  The majority of the surface of the human body is covered by skin cells.  The average surface area of an adult male is 1.9 m2 and an adult female is 1.6 m2. Use the information above to calculate the approximate number of skin cells needed to cover the surface of your body (you can assume that you are an average human). Use this formula to determine the area an average skin cell covers: Area = π (radius)2          Plug the radius (1/2 the diameter) of an average skin cell into the equation. area of an average skin cell  ____________________ Next, convert your surface area (average male or female) from m2 into mm2 your surface area____________________ Then, divide your surface area by the average area of a skin cell. number of skin cells covering your body  ____________________


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