Answer The Action Case Form (Attached Word Doc.)

Sharpe, DeVeaux, Velleman: “Beth” p. 77

“Beth Tully owns Zenna’s Café, an independent coffeeshop located in a small Midwestern city. Since opening Zenna’s in 2002, she has been steadily growing her business and now distributes her custom coffee blends to a number of regional restaurants and markets. She operates a microroaster that offers specialty grade Arabica coffees recognized by some as the best in the area.

In addition to providing the highest quality coffees, Beth also wants her business to be socially responsible. Toward that end, she pays fair prices to coffee farmers and donates funds to help charitable causes in Panama, Costa Rica, and Guatemala. In addition, she encourages her employees to get involved in the local community.

Recently, one of the well-known multinational coffeehouse chains announced plans to locate shops in her area. This chain is one of the few to offer Certified Free-Trade coffee products and work toward social justice in the global community. Consequently, Beth thought it might be a good idea for her to begin communicating Zenna’s socially-responsible efforts to the public, but with an emphasis on their commitment to the local community.

Three months ago, she began collecting data on the number of volunteer hours donated by her employees per week. She has a total of 12 employees, of whom 10 are full time. Most employees volunteered less than 2 hours per week, but Beth noticed that one part-time employee volunteered more than20 hours per week. She discovered that her employees collectively volunteered an average of 15 hours per month (with a median of 8 hours). She planned to report the average number and believed most people would be impressed with Zenna’s level of commitment to the local community.”

Use the Action Case Form Response(attached word doc.) answer the questions in there 250-300words


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