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In 202, San Fransico Prop G, the city charter to lower the voting age to 16 for local candidates and ballot measures.

1) collect at least 2 credible sources of information for your individual area and

2) post the following for each source you’ve collected to your team’s Google doc:

a) a link to the source

b) a short description of the information contained in that source

c) how the information is relevant to your project

l What constituencies, interest groups and/or communities are most affected by this ballot measure? What neighborhoods/communities will be impacted if it passes (or if it doesn’t pass)?

l Are there any polls on how the measure is doing among potential voters?

l How much money have they raised in the current election? Who is contributing money to the campaign on each side? (See SF Elections Commission/CA Sec. of State/Maplight foundation and news websites for this information)

l Do you see a pattern (mostly from businesses, what industries, unions, small business owners, individuals, etc.)? Are the contributions mostly small or large? Give specific examples and a detailed explanation of where the money is coming from.

l Are there independent expenditure committees supporting the campaign (or opposing it)? Who is behind them?

l How much money did they spend on their campaign? What kinds of things did they spend money on?

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