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Please following chapter 5 and 6 writing about 1 page.

Identify 2 trends, conditions, or changes that have occurred over the past several generations (one should be positive and one negative).

Discuss how these changes or trends affect you as a college graduate in terms of your career and/or life in general.

Identify what actions you can take to deal with these trends or conditions. Look at avoiding the negative effects and taking advantage of the positive effects.

As an example, in Chapter 6-Our Work, the projections are that there will be many jobs lost due to continuing automation of manual work, and the development of artificial intelligence for knowledge work. This trend, as it continues, will limit the number of jobs in many professions in the future. On the other hand the number of jobs in science and technical fields will increase, such as computer science, math and engineering. As I result, you might consider a technical field for a choice of careers, or at least, continue your education in technology so that you will not fall behind. Do not use this as an example for your Discussion Board.


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