Art/ Final Powerpoint

Final PowerPoint Project
Objective: The Final PowerPoint Project is designed to:

Provide an opportunity to further explore a personality theory, theorist, or test that they find especially interesting.
Provide reinforcement and elaboration of textual material related to this personality theory, theorist, or test.
Provide an opportunity to review other research and findings of personality theory, theorist, or test.
Extend critical thinking, quantitative, and communication skills.

Item Final PowerPoint Project Guidelines

Create a Final PowerPoint project from researching more about personality theory, theorist, or test identified in the textbook.
The PowerPoint project should be a minimum of 15 slides in length (1 title slide, 13 information/content slides, and 1 References slide).
Use quotation marks when quoting and cite appropriately when quoting or paraphrasing. APA 6th ed. writing style should be used when citing references in context.
2 references (minimum) in addition to your textbook are to be used, therefore, a minimum total of 3 references. For the references slide, APA 6th Ed. writing style should also be used.
This rubric is provided and will serve as a guide for designing the project and for grading purposes. The maximum total of points available for this project is 200 points.


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