Using college level grammar and spelling, write a paper discussing the following items:
1. Briefly describe 1 past study from the introduction that Jaccard et al. (2005) used to develop their study (do not copy directly). Include the names of those authors whose study you briefly described.
2. Describe the participants. Who were they- include their school grade range and the number of participants
3. Choose 3 measures that were used and briefly discuss each measure
4. Discuss any 2 results (do not copy directly).
5. Explain a strength and a weakness of the research design of this study

1. Go to Add submission
2. Submit your assignment. This assignment should contain at least 75 words. Remember to click on Submit button. Once you click the submit button, you can no longer work on your assignment.
3. Deadline is Sun 10/11 at 11:59PM

Points: worth up to 7 points

Rubric for Assignments:
Full points your content was excellent – your comments were correct and/or on topic; you gave multiple examples of your opinions/application to your life; you wrote at least the required number words, if not more, using college level grammar and spelling, and specific directions were followed.

Half points: you followed instructions as to content and number of words; examples were “factual,” not application to your life college level grammar and spelling, and specific directions were not followed.

Less than half points: your content was poor- your comments had nothing of substance and/or were not on the topic and/or were incorrect; you did not have the required number of words ; instructions were not followed; activity was not fully completed; college level grammar and spelling is missing



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