Articulate Your Understanding Of Race, Race Relations, And Racism As It Relates To These Incidents.

On May 25, 2020 George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis police officer. Captured on cell phone video and disseminated widely, Floyd’s killing has sparked national and global protests as people reckon with what many proclaim are racially motivated acts of violence against Black people. Shortly after Floyd’s death conservative analyst Candace Owens shared her thoughts on George Floyd, the protests, and the Back Lives Matter movement. In 2-3 pages articulate your understanding of race, race relations, and racism as it relates to these incidents and critically analyze Owen’s response to them. In your response, which should be a broad discussion of the issues involved, be sure to discuss the origins of anti-black racisms, biological, and cultural racisms, and the relationship between implicit bias, individual racisms, internalized, and institutionalized racisms. Use the clip Candace Owens Telling Things as they are about who George Floyd was on YouTube as the basis for your critical analysis.


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