As water is heated, what happens to the water molecules

Answer in sentence or paragraph 1. As water is heated, what happens to the water molecules? 2. Liquid water molecules escaping from the surface enter into the Blank 1. 3. What happens when the external pressure exerted on the liquid water and the vapor pressure of the water is equal? How do we define this temperature? 4. Why is ‘‘distillation’’ a purifying technique? 5. In a mixture there is a volatile compound A and a nonvolatile compound B. Which compound would distill? Which compound would remain behind? 6. You have a liquid that is heat-sensitive and decomposes when overheated. How can this material be purified by distillation without using excessive heat? 7. In the Procedure section, you are cautioned to be sure that the opening of the vacuum adapter is kept open to the atmosphere. Why this precaution?


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