Assignment 1: Form Design

Assignment 1: Form Design (15%)
Due date: Friday, Week 5
Assignment objectives
• Apply the theories and principles studied in the course to date.
• Design and develop an advanced web form.
Assignment specifications
Below is a scenario that requires you to design a form for this organisation.
A local Melbourne based food co-operative, ‘Farm Produce Direct’ sells fresh farm produce (meat, fruit, vegetables, dairy products etc) obtained from local farmers and is delivered to the customer’s door at set days of the week. To buy from the co-operative customers must be registered. Farm Produce Direct is updating their website, previously people wishing to join the co-operative had to do so over the telephone or send in a form. The organisation now plans to allow people to register online, the application form therefore must be designed as an online, web based form. The following are the details:
• Co-operative members can elect to buy a regular box of produce weekly or twice a month. There are three different sized boxes depending on the size of the family, large, medium and small. Members can also have regular weekly deliveries of dairy products such as cheese and milk.
• Members may nominate up to three different fruit or vegetables they do not want included in their order
• There are discounts for ordering a box of produce weekly.
• The delivery charges and dates vary depending on where members live. There are three regions (map provided on the website) and members must identify which region they live in. The charges are $5 for region 1, $10 region 2 and $12 for region 3.
• Orders can be changed online and an email confirmation is sent if there is a change.
• Only people living in Victoria can be members.
• Potential members complete the application form, including an authority to deduct from a credit card. There is a one off small joining fee of $15.
• Farm Produce Direct needs information on delivery details and in particular where the produce should be left. They cannot deliver to a post office box
• Members may elect to receive further information on promotions or new products from Farm Produce Direct.
You are required to draw the design of the form with the labels and any necessary instructions. Because it’s a single page form, you need to be creative.
You are also required to provide a brief written justification for your decisions in relation to the design of the form, to be completed also on the paper provided. This should draw on reading you have done, lecture material and the book.
Draw your form on this page. It’s a single page form, penalty applies for multi-page form.
Justification for your design on this page (you must use the formal theories and concepts discussed in the lectures to justify, one-page only). Use bullet points to organise your ideas.
Marking Guide:
• Form design (1 A4 page): 10 marks
o Clear and meaningful title and headings: 1 mark
o Good grouping: 2 marks
o Good layout: 1 mark
o Required number of fields: 3 marks
o Minimise typing: 2 marks
o Minimise errors/validation: 1 mark
• Form justification (1 A4 page): 5 marks
o Grouping: 1 mark
o Layout: 1 mark
o Inputs: 1 mark
o Fields: 1 mark
o Error prevention: 1 mark
o Others (optional)

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