Assignment 14

Topic: Elements of Effective Differentiated Instruction

DB 1 Thread: After reading “A Case in Point” at the beginning of Chapter 1 in Sousa and Tomlinson (2018) and also “A Better Scenario” at the end of the same chapter, reflect on these two contrasting situations. Do so in light of one of the topics from the body of the chapter. Below are some options, but you may choose another as long as it is relevant to concepts presented in the chapter one reading. Consider implications of these concepts to Mrs. Worrell. Your post is to be at least 200 words in length and should include one in-text parenthetical citation of the textbook in current APA format. Also, at the bottom of your thread, insert the reference format for the textbook.

Elements of Effective Teaching: You may choose to consider how these elements apply to Mrs. Worrell’s situations.
Invitational Environment
Quality Curriculum
Formative Assessment
Responsive Instruction
Flexible Routines
Mindset (Dweck, 2006): You may choose to discuss the type of mindset Mrs. Worrell exhibits.
Growth Mindset
Fixed Mindset
Implications of Brain Research: You may choose one of the following as having the greatest implication on one of Mrs. Worrell’s scenarios.
Learning Profiles
Convergent versus Divergent Thinking
Emotions in Learning
Social Processes
Working Memory versus Long-term Memory

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