Assignment 2:NEW MEDIA & MEMO Writing


You’ve been hired to do an internship for ABC college . Naturally, because you’re young and tech-savvy (or young at heart and tech curious), they’ve asked you to take care of their social media. Student Life is trying to promote some of the new intramural sports (badminton, soccer and basketball) they’ve added for next year. In the past, they haven’t had a large turnout for intramural sports, which is surprising because they’ve heard from students that they’d like to participate. Student Life is trying to reach a diverse group of students, and especially International students, who have expressed a desire for more inclusion in sports at the College.

Your task is to use the CAMPP model (see Figure 1 below and Chapter 15 of the online open textbook resource) to help you make choices about what to include in your product (your social media posts).

Your completed assignment will include:

A memo addressed to me that includes a CAMPP analysis to explain the choices you made for your product (more on the memo on the next page)
Two Instagram posts for the COTR Student Life Instagram account with text and image. Use the template here to make your posts. *Note: if your full text doesn’t fit in the template, put two lines of “preview text” in the post and then include your full text on the next slide.
Figure 1. CAMPP Model

Your memo will be 1-2 pages and will consist of four sections (each with its own heading):

Context: What is the context of the platform (Instagram)? Is there specific language or norms unique to it (i.e. trends, memes, inside jokes)? What amplification tools can you use (hashtags, tagging, etc)? How much text is generally acceptable on Instagram?
Audience: Who are you trying to reach? Try to be specific with your audience analysis here (consider age range, interests, etc). What are their needs and what do they need to hear?
Message: How did you use the needs of your audience and your purpose to determine your message?
Purpose: What’s your ultimate goal? What effects do you want to produce in the real world through these posts?
**Please also include a very brief introduction, conclusion and contact block in your memo. Don’t remember how to format a memo? Refer to your textbook: Memos

Submission Instructions:

Download your finished Instagram posts from the Google Slides document. Please submit your downloaded Instagram posts, along with your memo in the assignment.

I have sent you the pictures already and the pdfs that you will need for the help

the picture with girls group is for vollyball and another one is for basket ball

at the place of college name you can write as ABC college please !


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