Assignment #5 – Qualitative Coding

Assignment #5 – Qualitative Coding

Directions: This is a sample write up from an observational ride-along. For this assignment, you will simply code the data, qualitatively, and then resubmit your work with codes attached. You may use the comment function in Microsoft Word, print it out-code it-scan it back in, or any other way you can think of to code the data qualitatively. Good luck! Be patient! Have confidence!


O1 is a 40 year old white male who has been working this (Second 12) shift for 6 weeks. O1 was on second shift in the eight hour grouping, and was on the south side. O1 is now assigned to the North end due to all of the layoffs. When SPD returns to 8 hour shifts, O1 will gladly be back on second shift. O1 does not live in the city, but rather in the country or “civilization”. O1 was formerly an accident investigator, so he works a lot of accident scenes. O1 got a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice, and was in the Marines for four years serving in the Persian Gulf War. O1 said that being in the Military helped pay for his tuition.

@Sequence 1, Activity 1
Roll Call. Officer who was supposed to provide an observation officer was sick. O1 and another officer argued about who was going to provide a ride. O1 was assigned to me even though he was reluctant to have an observer. Several of the other officers made disparaging comments as to the chances of survival for an observer.

@Sequence 2, Activity 2
Equipment Check. O1 declined a shotgun, and picked some keys off of the board for one of the Tahoes. When O1 got to the car, it did not have a computer which is an important thing to have in the car when responding to calls. O1 found a cruiser with a computer and noted the number so he could retrieve the keys. O1 inspected the vehicle and logged into the MDT.

@Sequence 3, Activity 3
Enroute to convenience store. O1 said that he needed a cup of coffee before we started the day. O1 drove to a Circle K on the North end of town.

@Sequence 4, Encounter 1
O1 got a coffee from the station and didn’t pay. O1 had to wait for me to pay for my pop. While waiting O1 noticed the daily four lotto numbers and informed C1 (WF, LW, 50s) that her last daily 4 number was wrong. C1 asked O1 to change the numbers for her and he did. O1 left without paying for his coffee.

@Sequence 5, Activity 4
General Patrol through a middle wealth residential neighborhood.

@Sequence 6, Activity 5
Dispatch Enroute to a personal damage car accident.

@Sequence 7, Activity 6
Gone on Arrival, no cars or citizens present. MDT dispatch notes showed that the caller had gone to the station to file a report.

@Sequence 8, Activity 7
General Patrol. O1 asked me if I had been on the East side before and I stated that I hadn’t. O1 took me on patrol through this area that he said was full of derelicts, people on crack cocaine, and burned down houses. Several of the blocks had 75% of the houses burned down. There were several young children (<5yrs.) playing in abandoned yards without supervision. Many of the lawns were not mowed. DEBRIEFING I asked O1 about the yards, and he explained to me about the “Green Czar” in Police Administration who was supposed to make sure that all of the lawns were mowed. O1 said that there are 13 administrators in SPD, and that it is likely that they are appointed through cronyism. O1 told me that the administrators are friends of the chief, and that they make $90,000 a year and really don’t do any work. @Sequence 9, Activity 8 Dispatch Enroute to Breaking and Entering. @Sequence 10, Activity 9 Gone on arrival, no answer at reporting residence @Sequence 11, Activity 10 General Patrol, residential neighborhood. @Sequence 12, Activity 11 Dispatch Enroute to assist another officer in crowd control. @Sequence 13, Activity 12 O1 arrived in a large parking lot next to an office building adjacent to a Rally’s. There were about 60-80 cars in the parking lot and probably 30-40 people walking through the parking lot. Three cruisers were already on scene with their lights on and were using their spotlights to shine on motorists to make them leave. The crowd was already dispersing as O1 arrived, and O1 activated his lights to help break up the crowds. Once the crowd dispersed, O2 (BF, Mid 30s), drove up next to O1. O1 told her that it was going to be a busy night as there were only 8 officers on duty. O2 said that it might not be too bad, and O1 cut her off and asked her if she had looked on the board. O2 said that she had not. O1 informed O2 that there were already 40 calls on the board. O1 told O2 good-bye and left the parking lot. @Sequence 14, Activity 13 General Patrol through a residential neighborhood @Sequence 15, Activity 14 Dispatch Enroute, Domestic Assault. @Sequence 16, Encounter 2 Upon arriving at the scene, O2 was already present and standing on the sidewalk in front of the address where the call originated from. O1 and O2 walked around the backside of the house. A truck was parked in the driveway with decals on the back window. O1 and O2 walked up the back steps and knocked on the door. The door was opened by a black female about 19 years old. Upon entering the house, O1 and O2 were met by C1, BF, MW, 84yrs. Old based on the nice house and car in the driveway, ability to support grandchildren. C1 stated that her husband has been violent, breaking out windows, dancing naked in the house, yelling, and knocking pictures off the wall. An extension cord was being used to lock one of the basement doors shut, likely to keep the impaired teenage granddaughter and 6 year old granddaughter from going into the basement. The house, while nice, was quite disorganized, with nice things sitting in strange places. O2 asked C1 if her husband had actually hit her or the grandkids and C1 stated that he hadn’t. O2 asked C1 why she called the police if her husband hadn’t violated any laws. C1 said that she was genuinely scared of her husband, and that he is staying upstairs by himself. C1 told O1 and O2 that her husband requires oxygen almost constantly, and that she would like to have him committed to a facility where he could receive these services rather than just having him go to jail. O2 told C1 that they would go upstairs and talk to her husband. O1 and O2 went upstairs and went into the bedroom where C2, BM, MW, 86yrs., based on home, truck, and stated age. It appeared that C2 had been spending a great deal of his time in the bedroom, as there were bottles of syrup on the dresser, he had a TV set up in the room, and stated that he spent a lot of time in the room. O2 asked C2 about the way he had been acting. C2 said that he didn’t even ever go downstairs unless he was getting in his truck to go for a drive. O2 asked C2 if the vehicle was his truck. C2 stated that it was his truck. O2 asked what the decals meant and C2 told him that he used to wax and clean cars after Buick bought him out, but he’s too old to do that type of thing now. O2 told C2 that he must still have some talent because he has that Chevy shining like a Cadillac. O2 asked C2 if he needed to see someone about his mental health and he said that he did not. O1 asked C2 why his wife would say he was dancing around in the house naked. C2 said that his wife was crazy and that she practices “Hoo Doo”. O2 asked C2 what Hoo Doo is and C2 said that she was the crazy one and that he was not going anywhere, and that she was the problem and that he didn’t practice those kinds of things. O1 told C2 that he should probably stay in the room upstairs and leave his wife alone tonight. C2 said that he would and that he only goes downstairs when he wants to drive his truck. O2 told C2 that he should just hang out and watch TV. C2 said that he looks at it sometimes, but none of his programs are on anymore. O2 told C2 that he should just stay upstairs for the night so that they didn’t have to come back. O1 and O2 went back down into the main level to talk to C1. O2 asked C3 (BF, MW, 6yrs.) how old she was, and she replied that she was six years old. O2 asked her if her grandpa was acting silly and she said that he was. O2 asked what was he doing, just being funny, and C3 nodded yes. O2 asked C4 (BF, MW, 19yrs., mentally impaired) how old she was and she replied that she was 19. O2 then told C1 that they were not going to arrest C2 because he hadn’t done anything criminal. C1 said that C2 really, truly scares her and that she doesn’t want to be around him. O2 asked her if there was anywhere else that she could stay, and she said that she could stay with her daughter. O2 told her that if she wanted to get away from him that would be the thing to do because they couldn’t arrest him if he was just acting strange in his own house, because he hadn’t done anything criminal. C1 thanked O1 and O2, and they said you’re welcome and left. @Sequence 17, Activity 15 Dispatch Enroute, domestic assault. @Sequence 23, Activity 20 O1 knocked on the door, and O2 radioed dispatch for a call back. O2 received notification that the female was on her way up. @Sequence 24, Activity 21 O1 and O2 waited for the caller to come up to her apartment building. @Sequence 25, Encounter 4 While waiting, C1, BF, MW, 18yrs. based on apartment and stated age came up the stairs and told O1 and O2 that she did not have her apartment keys. She asked if she could go get her keys and O2 told her that she could. C1 returned with her keys and unlocked the door. O1 entered while O2 waited in the doorway. O1 took C1’s information, and then asked her about the incident. C1 said that her former roommate and significant other, a 17yr. old female, had attacked her while she was on the computer. O1 asked if C1 got attacked because she denied the other female a chance to talk about their relationship. C1 said that her former girlfriend was over and being annoying. C1 said that she asked her to leave but that she refused. After that C1 said that the girl kept wanting to talk to her but that she just ignored her. C1 said that she was blind in her eye and that she shouldn’t be allowed to get beat up. C1 then said that the girl got frustrated and hit her in the face, knocked her down, and kicked her in the stomach. O1 asked C1 if she would like to file a complaint, and C1 said that she would like to file a complaint. O1 told O2 that he could leave if he wanted to, as O1 would be fine to write up the complaint by himself. C1 said that she wanted to press charges, and asked O1 if he could do that. O1 said that that was between C1 and the prosecutor, but that he was going to write up the report and admittedly he only saw some redness above her right eye. C1 asked if there was a law against beating up disabled people, and O1 said “You’re disabled” in slight disbelief. C1 again stated that she was blind in her right eye. C1 said that O1 probably saw a lot of people get these complaints and do nothing, which O1 acknowledged that he did. C1 said that she was going to push it as far as she could because she wanted the girl arrested. O1 suggested that C1 get a PPO, a Personal Protection Order, and C1 asked how to do that. O1 told her that she needed to go to the court and told her the floor it is on. C1 asked if it cost anything and O1 stated that it did not. O1 radioed for a complaint number, wrote it down, and provided it to C1. O1 asked C1 how to identify the assailant, and C1 said that she had short hair, a lazy eye, was skinny, and dressed like a boy. O1 told her that it was in her hands now, and that she could go to the court Monday morning to get the PPO, as he would have the complaint in by then. C1 thanked O1 and O1 left. @Sequence 26, Activity 22 Report writing, O1 wrote up the complaint, but excluded the part of the description about dressing like a boy.

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