Assume that you are the marketing manager for NeverFail Insurance.

3. Assume that you are the marketing manager for NeverFail Insurance. You have been unhappy with your long-time advertising agency and have been privately interviewing representatives of six other agencies. NeverFail is trying to build up its customer base with younger clients, and is developing new products in health insurance, accident insurance, employment interruption insurance and computer equipment insurance. After much deliberation, you and your colleagues have finally opted for AFX Limited, an energetic outfit that specialises in television advertising featuring computer-generated special effects.

Write to Heather Murch, CEO of AFX Limited (address is 143 Market Street, Sydney, NSW 2080) telling her of the good news of their being given a two-year contract to do all of Perennial’s advertising business. The contract with your current advertising firm has only another four months to run and you want to get together with representatives of AFX Limited as soon as possible to start planning campaigns for the 12-month period starting on the completion of that four months.

Note: AFX Limited use the full-block format for all correspondence.

Your letter must contain all of the elements of a letter and be checked for grammar and spelling errors. As a “good news” letter your letter must follow the direct approach.

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