Better Choice Foods makes a single pocket using two processes

Better Choice Foods makes a single pocket using two processes. Quality control check takes place during the process, at which point rejected units are separated from good units. The following details relate to production for the month of April 2019, for process 2. Work in process, beginning inventory Transfer from process 1 , 15,000 units valued at $51.40 each Other Manufacturing costs incurred during April: Direct Material added                                 $513,000 Direct Labour                                                $365,000 Manufacturing overhead                            $211,000 1v.     Normal losses were estimated to be 5% of input during the period. Losses from process 2 are    deemed to be scrap, and sold at $40 per unit. v.   At inspection ,1,750 units were rejected as scrap. These units had reached the following degree of completion: Input material                        100% Direct Material added            50% Conversion costs                     30% V1. 12,000 units were completed and transferred to finished goods Inventory. V11. Work in process at the end of April had reached the following degree of completion. Input Material                             100% Direct Material added                   80% Conversion costs                            40% Required: (a) Prepare a statement of equivalent production to determine the equivalent units for direct materials (From Process 1 & Direct Material Added), and conversion costs and the cost per equivalent unit for direct materials and conversion costs. (b) Calculate the: – Total cost of units completed and transferred to Finished Goods inventory – Cost of abnormal losses – Cost of ending work-in-process inventory in Process 2 (c) Prepare Better Choice’s Work-In-Process Inventory – Process 2 T-account, clearly showing the ending balance.


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