Blog 2



Looking at public surveys tells the reader a lot about that country. In Russia, public surveys can be a way to spot future trends or opinions that are not vocalized yet.

The Initial Posting

Respond to the following blog entry topic in the Blog area located under the Tools Menu:

Spend some time looking at these public survey sites: Levada Poll Russia (click EN at the top right corner for an English translation). What survey did you find interesting? What did you learn? What was interesting/shocking? Did you look at other surveys?

Submit at least one blog string on your own with opinion/thoughts, further research, or links. Keep up with comments from your classmates on your blog string for at least 3 days. Branch out and visit at least two others’ blog postings. The grading for blogs will be as described below.

Responses to Other Student Blogs or Comments

For a top score, you must respond constructively to at least three other students and respond to any comments made to your initial postings.

Acceptable Length for your initial blog entry: 40 words

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