Bus302 Week 9 Discussion RESPONSE T S

Please respond to this post by agreeing, disagreeing, or adding your opinion in 5 sentences or more.

With my current employer there were many controls put in place with the hiring process. It begins with a simple phone interview. From there you may receive a formal interview. Afterwards there is a physical and drug test performed. One must also pass the criminal background and driving background check. There is then a behavioral interview and a cast test needed to satisfied before you can attend orientation. These kind of controls are called feed forward control. This system is used to identify and prevent deviations before they occur.

I think this system is great because it keeps turn over very low and produces quality employees. So many that I work with have been with this company for decades. This is a huge difference from the hospitality industry that I used to work in. When there is longevity and good team building, it creates a family type atmosphere that provides a sense of security. It is so intriguing and wonderful. Of course it is not perfect but during any stormy situations there seems to remain a hopeful air within the workforce.


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