Business English Communication

Business English Communication – Level 4
Your Full Name:

From: Regional Manager,
Electronic Parts Manufacturer.

To: Customer Service,
Country Inn, Inc.

Date: 6th Nov 2020

Subject: Claim Request

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing this regarding my recent stay I made in your hotel. Your country Inn Hotel came highly recommended for accommodation and meals due to price affordability and great meals. In all our conferences, Electronic Parts Manufacturer recommends that all its employees to use your hotel chain since your rates fall within the company’s budget.
On May 4 and 5, two employees and I visited your hotel to attend Halifax conference. Our department administrative assistant made our reservations. She was assured that our charges would fall under weekend rates, which should include a hot breakfast – in the Atrium – in the rate. Since we arrived at the restaurant early enough, there was no step up, and therefore, we ordered pancakes and sausages, which we were charged $35 each. Again, checking on the credit statement, on 5th May, we were charged $114 for three champagne buffet breakfast in the Atrium.
The charges are outrageous since we had not ordered champagne buffet breakfast, and we had been assured that it would include the meals at the Atrium.
Reflecting on this instance, I remember seeing continental breakfast set up for guests in the lounge on my floor. I came to think maybe the hotel expected all guests on weekend rates to be in the lounge and eat from there. Still, my administrative assistant had been assured that one could order breakfast from the menu at the hotel’s restaurant when she was making the reservation.
In my understanding, such errors can happen, and therefore, herein, I have attached the credit statement that highlights the error – wrongful charges. I will appreciate you looking into this issue and solve it by crediting our account as soon as possible. Electronic Parts Manufacturer being your loyal customer, would appreciate continuing using your services in your hotel chain for a long time.
Yours Sincerely,
Regional Manager.

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