a. What is the derivative of ex ? Write the appropriate Rule
b. List all 4 Derivatives of Exponential and Logarithmic functions and the appropriate constraints

c. Find the Derivative of y=3ex +5 ln x

2. Read and take notes on Chapter 3.3 ( Derivatives of Products and Quotients)

a. What is the theorem for the Product Rule? Give an example using the Product Rule

b. What is the quotient Rule? Give an Example using the quotient Rule

3. Read and take notes on 3.4 ( Chain Rule)

a. State the definition of a composite Function

b. What is Theorem 1 ( General Power Rule) and give an example

c. What is Theorem 2 ( Chain Rule) and give an example

d. What are the general Derivative Rules ( 3) provided at the end of the section?

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