Capstone Week 2 Journal

During your course of study in the Master of Education program, you have learned about the importance of communication and leadership to be an effective educational professional.

In this journal, you will reflect on these Master’s of Education program learning outcomes:

Communication: Apply oral and written communication skills effectively to convey information, deliver content, engage learners, interact with organizational stakeholders, and promote the development of learning communities.
Leadership: Utilize fundamental concepts regarding leadership in learning, instruction, and training to motivate individuals or groups, promote collaboration, establish strategy, implement change, and achieve organizational goals.
Write a 1–2 page paper ;in which you:

Reflect on what you learned about the importance of communication in your field and the different leadership styles and strategies that you can use in order to maximize learning.
Examine how your coursework in the M.Ed. program and your work experience have helped you to grow in the areas of communication and leadership and how you have used or will use these competencies in your current or future position.
Attach one to three pieces of evidence or artifacts from your previous coursework or work environment to demonstrate your competencies in the areas of communication and leadership (e.g., workshop documents of a presentation prepared and delivered to colleagues, documentation to show improved student scores or trainee performance, pictures of you using a pertinent form of technology in the classroom, etc.) Identify the ID and title (for example: EDU599 – Education Capstone) of the courses for which you had produced the assignment(s

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