Case Study


I have a project on case study and would like to have someone to help me with the paper. There are three to four parts to complete the project.

1. Review the case study, paper instructions, and grading (completed by tomorrow morning 10-23-2020)

2. Turn in first part tomorrow morning (please make correction for first part Friday afternoon 10-23-2020)

3. Turn in second and third on Friday night or Sat morning (please make correction and completed by 10-24-2020).

4. Turn in last part by Sat evening (please make correction and completed by 12:00 pm Sunday 10-25-2020 as the latest).

It will be about 10-11 pages. Please review instructions from instructor very very careful.

I will do my part to turn in on time. Please completed on time.

Thank you very much!

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