Policy Analysis Part II

Completion of this course requires students to complete a Policy Analysis Paper in three (3) parts, as instructed below:

Select a policy addressing a social issue or problem in American society; and complete the analysis on your selected policy using the Critical Theory Model for Policy Analysis presented in Segal, Social Welfare Policy and Social Programs, chapter 4, Box 4.3, page 100.

Your analysis paper must adhere to APA writing style. A minimum of five (5) scholarly (refereed) journals, texts, books, government documents, and online government resources must be used to support your work for each part of the paper. Each part of the policy analysis should have a minimum of seven (7) pages excluding cover page and reference page.

Policy Analysis Part II:

Cover the following major elements under appropriate headings and subheadings:

Public Reaction

Policies, Public Laws, or Administrative Rules

Implementation of Social Welfare Programs

Actual Impact
POLICY : Violence Against Women Act

***Put into your own words!!!!

*** Cite work

***reference page

APA style

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