Childhood amnesia is the concept that, as adults, we do not remember

The task is this: Describe one thing you learned in Psy200 that people who have not taken this class should know. You must describe the concept fully in a couple of sentences and explain why people would be better off if they understood the concept, again in a couple of sentences. So at least four sentences altogether.
Topics: · Topic 2 – Sensation and Perception Topic 3: Emotion Topic 4 – Attention Topic 5 – Memory Topic 6 – Long Term & Autobiographical Memory Topic 7 – Cognitive Development across the Lifespan Topic 8: Why do we sleep? Topic 9 – Cognitive Biases Topic 10 – Memory Errors
For example, you could choose childhood amnesia. And have the following description…
Childhood amnesia is the concept that, as adults, we do not remember the things that happened to us prior to the age of 3.5 years. The reason is debated but the leading explanation is that we need language to organize our memories and without language our early memories are inaccessible. I think all parents would be happier if they knew about this concept. The reason parents should know this is because they would be less stressed by all the time their babies spend crying when they are teething and getting loads of shots and can’t communicate their feelings. Parents are often stressed because they think all that crying is going to permanently affect their babies. But the babies won’t
remember the pain when they are older, so parents would be happier if they knew!”
You need at least four meaningful sentences.
You cannot use my exact example — if you choose childhood amnesia your rationale must be completely different from the one I chose.
You will get a zero if there is any plagiarism at all.
You will get partial credit if you fail to write enough for the definition of the concept or the explanation for why people should know about

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