Classical Greece

For this Discussion, you will post at least three times – 1) an initial post, and then 2) two replies to two classmates who posted answers to different questions. You must post first before you will see the postings of your classmates.

1) Initial Post

Please choose one of the following questions, and post your response of a minimum of 150 words. Be sure that your comments are original, thoughtful, and well developed. This discussion will be open for the whole course, so check back frequently:
1) Go to Parthenon Marbles and pick a side to this argument: Should the “Elgin Marbles” be returned to Greece? Please support your argument with a scholarly set of logical supportive points and avoid using only an emotional reaction to answer this argument.


2) Etruscan culture seems very different from other ancient cultures when it comes to gender roles. Discuss some similarities or differences between the Etruscans and another culture in this course regarding the roles of women and men. You may have to do some outside research, so make sure to cite your sources.


3) The Romans are easily the most famous culture from the Ancient world. What single enduring quality of the Romans is still used today as something to emulate or to learn from? In answering this question, please choose one example from art, architecture, politics, philosophy, religion, or literature to show this enduring quality.

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