Classification And Division Essay

Classification and Division Essay

For this assignment, you’ll prepare a 1,200-1,500-word classification and division essay based on your graphic organizer. Assignment Objectives

For this exam, you’ll do the following:

Use prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing to write a formal, college-level essay.

Distinguish among different patterns of development.

Apply an appropriate pattern of development to a specific purpose and audience.

Write an effective thesis statement.

Develop paragraphs using topic sentences, adequate detail, supporting evidence, and transitions.

Apply the conventions of standard written American English to produce a correct, well-written essay.


Use the topic and graphic organizer you completed for your prewriting.

assignment. Do not switch topics. You’ll develop your essay from your graphic organizer. Your topic should be one of the following:

Music or books or fashion Types of friends

Types of activities or hobbies Types of food

Places you’ve lived or visited or vacationed

You’ll write in third-person point of view.

Research isn’t required. However, if you do research or incorporate information from outside or secondary sources, you must cite your sources using APA citation and documentation style.

The first three categories and characteristics have been filled in for you. Use the outline below to practice your outlining skills. Read the essay and fill in the characteristics for categories 4, 5, and 6. Remember, the purpose of the essay is to show how a potato chip is addictive and captivating, so choose the content that directly supports that thesis. Note the italicized words that connect the body paragraphs to the thesis statement.

Title: “The Language of Junk Food Addiction: How to ‘Read’ a Potato Chip”


Topic: A Potato ChiP

Thesis: The potato chip is engineered to captivate people’s taste buds.

Body: Elements of Appeal

Category/Paragraph 1: The salt makes people crave potato chips.

Characteristic 1: Salt first mixes with saliva, and drives people to eat and overeat.

Characteristic 2: Affects the pleasure center of the brain with a “flavor burst.”

Characteristic 3: Different varieties of salt for different types of processed food

Category/Paragraph 2: The fat in a potato chip has an addictive “mouthfeel.”

Characteristic 1: Fat is a feeling, “mouthfeel”

Characteristic 2: Also affects the pleasure center of the brain

Characteristic 3: Saturated fats linked to heart disease and obesity

Category/Paragraph 3: The sugar (potato starch) in a potato chip captivates people’s taste buds.

Characteristic 1: Potato starch gets converted to sugar when a chip is eaten.

Characteristic 2: Foods can be too sweet so we stop eating.

Characteristic 3: The “Bliss point” is the optimal amount of sugar.

Category/Paragraph 4: The crunchy noise contributes to the potato chip’s appeal.

Characteristic 1:

Characteristic 2:

Characteristic 3:

Category/Paragraph 5: The way a chip dissolves on the tongue makes people disregard the calories.

Characteristic 1:

Characteristic 2:

Characteristic 3:

Category/Paragraph 6: The ease of eating a chip with one hand leads to overeating.

Characteristic 1:

Characteristic 2:

Characteristic 3:

Conclusion: People buy a product based on taste.

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