Cognitive Concept Map

Taking into account the theories discussed, the fieldwork conducted, the articles read, and the discussions that took place in the past eight weeks of ECH 320, your task is to create a cognitive concept map, along with an accompanying narrative explanation, based on your understanding of cognitive development in children from birth to age eight. The assignment consists of two parts.
Part 1-The Concept Map
This is a computer-generated, clearly labelled, four-part concept map. There should be one section for each of the age groups we discussed in class. At least some graphics/clip art/pictures should be included. For each age group, you should include major (6 to 8) and minor (6 to 10) theorists, concepts, and ideas related to cognitive AND language and literacy development. Connections between concepts, theorists, and ideas should be clearly labeled with arrows and verbs (some examples of verbs might be: connects to, builds on, supports).
The following website is a good resource on how to create a concept maps:

Part 2-The Narrative
You should also write a paper to accompany your map, discussing the concepts contained in each and explaining the connections. It should be at least four pages total (so about 1 page for each age group), and should include a title page, introduction, conclusion, and reference page in APA format.
Please refer to the attached rubric for specific assessment criteria.


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