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will you prepare for your duties and/or collaboration with the

responsible parties regarding care coordination and case management for

the OT clients to whom you will be assigned during your first Level II

rotation at the assigned site? What elements of care coordination and

case management do you think will be particularly challenging? What

strategies will you use to meet these challenges? (For guidance and

ideas, see Chapter 69 Management of OT Services in your Willard and Spackman’sOccupational

Therapy textbook as well as Chapter 72 Supervision.) Also consider how

you would plan to utilize management structures and supervision at your

assigned Level II facility to successfully work with clients to address

their issues related to care transitions and life transitions.

2.Regarding care coordination, case management, and transition-relatedOT services (including OT discharge planning): In what ways would yourpreparation be the same and it what ways would it differ for Level II ina traditional practice environment (such as an SNF) versus an emergingpractice environment (such as an Assisted Living Facility)? Be explicitin describing each of these types of settings in order to fully explorethe similarities and differences related to care coordination, casemanagement and transition-related OT services


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