The films each provided unique insight and perspective on the people groups they discussed. In Norma’s story, I learnt how important land is to her community as well as maintaining respect for animals. She learns the ways of living and knowledge from her grandfather, he tells her to watch her step as actions have consequences. Then tells of a time when she kills a spider and then a big store happens that inhibits her families hunting, leading her to wonder, “Was it my fault?” Learning this brought forth good conscience as I usually don’t look at the impact my actions have on Creation. Again, reinforcing the connectedness of Creation and the importance of giving thanks.
While watching the “Blackfoot Nation” video one thing really stuck out to me. That was the concept of pictographs in their sacred lands. It was noted that once they disappear, the story is finished. With thousands still present it shows that their story is not finished and that they won’t be silenced. This is a very profound statement that I found very impactful.
In regards to whether it’s important that the filmmakers are members of not, I don’t think it is. However, I do think that it needs to be acknowledged when someone is or is not. By defining their position at the start lays the foundation of the film and the perspectives brought forth. I think it is important for non-members to ask those who are to inform them just as those brothers did. It is important to learn of the history of the Indigenous People, regardless of membership as it helps foster understanding and knowledge.
Monolithic can be defined as “one stone” (Dictionary). I do believe that is harmful to view Indigenous groups as such. It can take away from the beautifully diverse and rich histories and cultures that each nation possess. All of Creation is connected, but we all experience the world very differently and can learn from one another. By learning all these distinct cultures that have shaped our country, we gain knowledge and a renewed perspective. For example, many view the earth as something we need to develop and extract resources from. This is often taken too far and has led to a dangerous and unsustainable way of living. By learning from those who found this land first, and taking the time to understand and respect it, we too may be able to help our earth heal. We would see that differences can co-exist respectfully and adjust our selfish frame of mind. This knowledge is alive in the stories shared from long ago, by slowing down and listening we will learn to see Creation and all of life as beautiful, sacred and something that we must protect and honour. Thus teaching us to “tread lightly.”

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