Competency Final Paper

you will provide an extensive summary of the corporation’s/team’s current situation in regards to the organizational behavior topics you’ve selected to discuss. You will evaluate the corporation/team and provide suggestions for improving their organizational behavior. This project may take the form of a paper.

As indicated above, this final project submission can be in any format that you feel best conveys the information about the organization/team. Regardless of format selected, you will provide the following information:

The name of the corporation you will be using as the basis for this project
The organization’s purpose or mission statement
The organization’s industry
The name(s) and position(s) of the person/people interviewed (indicate as much pertinent information (e.g., length of service with company, previous roles in the company, educational background, etc.).
A summary for each of the concepts you discussed during the interview(s)
An evaluation of each of the concepts based on information discussed in this course, including, but not limited to, the following:
The theoretical foundation of each concept
How each concept manifested itself in the organization/team (evidence)
Effects of each concept on the organization/team
Did each concept manifest itself as what you read in the course suggested it would?
Does that organizational behavior aspect propel or hinder the organization/team in achieving is mission?
Was the organization/team using the Organizational Behavior principles effectively? What evidence is there of this?
A suggestion/recommendation (or multiple as the case may be) for the organization/team on how best to proceed, improve, and/or change based on your evaluation. Think about the following questions as you complete this section of the project:
What alternatives are there to the situation(s) you encountered?
How would you implement the suggestion(s) if you were in charge of the organization/team?
How would you communicate this information to the organization/team?
What would you expect the results of the suggestion(s) to be?
The final submission needs to include citations and references in APA format

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