Complete your questions using the software suggested and save into a Word document

Complete your questions using the software suggested and save into a Word document. Submit a single Word document in the dropbox for grading.
Q1 – 3 marks
True or False. If false, provide an explanation.
a) Some of the residuals from a least squares linear model will be positive and some will be negative.
b) Least squares means that some of the squares of the residuals are minimized.
c) We write y^ to denote the predicted values and y to denote the observed values.
Q2 – 20 marks
Data for 26 Western Hemisphere countries can be used to examine the association between life expectancy and the birth rate (number of births per 1,000 population)
Country————————-Birth Rate(births/1000 population)———————Life Expectancy
Argentina—————————-17.12——————————————————-76.1 Barbados—————————-12.1———————————————————77 Belize———————————25.58——————————————————-76.3 Canada——————————10.28——————————————————–81.1 Chile———————————-14.12——————————————————–79.3 Colombia—————————-16.98———————————————————73.9 Costa Rica————————–16.25———————————————————79.4
Cuba———————————-9.92———————————————————79.3 Dominican Republic————–19.21———————————————————73.6 Ecuador—————————–19.23———————————————————75.8 El Salvador————————-17.12———————————————————72.4 Guatemala————————–25.99———————————————————71.4 Guyana——————————16.31———————————————————70.2
Haiti———————————-23.35———————————————————62.4 Honduras—————————24.16———————————————————73.4 Jamaica—————————–18.65———————————————————73.3
Mexico——————————18.61———————————————————77.1 Nicaragua————————–18.77———————————————————74.3 Panama—————————-18.91———————————————————76.3 Paraguay————————–16.95———————————————————72.7
Saint Kitts and Nevis———–13.79———————————————————73.3 Saint Lucia————————14.19———————————————————74.8
Saint Vincent
and the Grenadines————-14.12———————————————————72.5 Trinidad and Tobaga————14.07———————————————————70.3 Uruguay—————————-13.28———————————————————77.2 a) Create a scatter plot relating Life Expectancy to Birth Rate and describe the association. Are the regression assumptions satisfied? b) Is there an outlier? If so, set it aside and identify it before computing the regression.
c) Find the equation of the regression line with the outlier removed.
d) Make a plot of the residuals and comment.
e) Is the line an appropriate model?
f) Interpret the value of R2 .
g) If government leaders want to increase life expectancy, should they encourage women to have fewer children? Explain Text Assignment – MyStatLab – Assignment 4 – Complete in MyStatLab

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