Computer 2

This is the last Capstone and I want you to sell yourself. Take your Resume you created to make a presentation on why you are the best candidate for the JOB we FAKE applied for in week two.

Here is an example of the assignment: How to Do A PowerPoint.pptxPreview the document


10 slides

1 Picture of Yourself

4 Animations

4 Transition effects

1 image from online each slide

1 creative design

* Suggestion: Do this assignment in the PowerPoint Office 365 app as it is up to date and has the best side- suggestions to make your presentation beautiful*

PowerPoint Rubric

PowerPoint Rubric Criteria Ratings Pts

The design is creative not blank white background -15.0 pts
The PowerPoint has 10 slides that follow the resume from week 2 -10.0 pts
A picture of the applicant is used (Real picture) -10.0 pts
4 or more animations are used -10.0 pts
4 or more transitions are used -10.0 pts
The slides provide visual images to express content.
Pictures/online images are used on the slides -20.0 pts
The slides represent the content of the resume and sell the applicant for the job posted -25.0 pts

**I will send you my real picture privately.

Total Points: 100.0


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