Corporate Governance and Future Directions

Corporate Governance and Future Directions

“While understanding the importance of accountability and ethics with in the corporate governance framework. The overarching aim of corporate governance is to demonstrate the factors contribute to a goal of long-term financial prosperity and do not detract from it. ‘Good’ socially responsible fiancé and business are synonymous with ‘good’ financial performance and ethics needs to be at the heart of governance, if mechanisms of accountability are to function effectively.”


Q1. Explain the future path for institutional investor activism.

Q2. Critically discuss the factors responsible for divergence in corporate governance systems worldwide.

Q3. Identify the future route for corporate governance from a global perspective and ways in which a broader agenda for corporate governance may continue to develop.

Q4. Critically examine whether corporate governance reform has gone too far, or not including future directions for corporate governance and accountability.


Note: –

1. Make sure you write paper in same format as a research article including:
2. abstract, introduction, literature review, analysis and discussion, findings, suggestions and conclusion.
The report is to be presented in the following manner:
3. Assignments will be marked according to the following guidelines:


2 mark


2.5 marks

Literature review

2.5 marks

Finding and analysis based on research evidence

10 marks


1.5 mark

List of referencing

1.5 mark

Total write-up marks

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