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After visiting the web site, Eastern State Penitentiary – Philadelphia, PA – Travel Thru History in youtube; allow these questions to direct your thoughts. short grammar correct answer.own thoughts.

  • How appropriate was this site and its material to the understanding of the early system of prisons?
  • What part of the web site interested you the most or least? And why?
  • What would your opinion be of the public’s reaction of a penitentiary such as in the “separate system” such as Eastern State Penitentiary?
  • And also short (150 words)reply to this comment : I felt that this video was appropriate. I never realized that you could visit it today, which I thought was very cool. I also am a visual person so it was nice to see what was going on there instead of just reading about it. I thought it was interesting how one of the prisoners, Leo Callahan, escaped prison. I am surprised that no one suspected what was going to happen and it was interesting how he could hide the ladder as a table in his own cell. I feel that some people would be in favor of this separate system but others wouldn’t, just because it reminds me of when your mom grounds you and puts you in a corner with nothing to do to think about your actions, not that prison should be a fun experience but isolating prisoners to think about their actions could result into other factors such as mental illness’ due to lack of human interaction as stated in the video.


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