COVID-19 Digital Contact Tracing


Write minimum 700 words for each of the short-essay questions. All questions are of equal value (25 marks each). You should provide credible references for each question according to the Faculty guidelines. Although there is no rigid maximum word limit, around 900 words maximum, per question will be appropriate.

Question 1

Contact tracing apps are being used in many countries in order to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). However, such technologies have also raised privacy concerns. The following article discusses this issue.

Privacy Considerations For COVID-19 Digital Contact Tracing

Conduct additional research about this topic and the key ethical issue involved. Write a short report presenting an analys of this ethical issue, using the philosophical ethics perspective.

Question 2

“Codes guide the members of a profession in ethical choices.” (Tavani, 2016)

Study the Australian Computer Society Code of Professional Conduct. Discuss how the ACS Code of Ethics may or may not achieve the above purpose. Use suitable examples in your discussion.

Question 3

“This ethical theory ignores the special roles that consequences, duties, and social contracts play in moral systems, especially with respect to determining the appropriate standard for evaluating moral behavior. Rather, it focuses on criteria having to do with the character development of individuals and their acquisition of good character traits from the kinds of habits they develop.”

Tavani (2016) makes the above observation about the virtue ethics. Do you think virtue ethics can assist us with resolving ICT related ethical dilemmas? Write a short report explaining your viewpoint. Use suitable examples in your explanation.

(It is recommended that your name, student ID and page number are included in the header or footer of every page of the assignment.)


This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:
be able to discuss various philosophical theories of ethics and how these relate to the ethical and legal issues raised by current practices involving ICT.
be able to apply ethical theories and concepts to analyse ICT related ethical dilemmas.
be able to discuss professionalism and professional responsibility in the context of the ICT profession.
be able to critically analyse and apply the various concepts of professional ethics.

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