Creating, Choosing And Analyzing An Operating Budget

Part 1: 2010 Operating Budget

Review the attached 2009 Budget Issues – “Nursing Options” PDF

Create Two new 2010 Operating Budgets for 2010, one based on each labor decision option from the Nursing Statistics memo in the Nursing Options PDF. Adjust the attached “2010 Operating Budget Projection” word document to develop your new projected budgets. (should be 2 separate documents with the 2010 Budget column adjusted accordingly for each option)

Decide which of the two highlighted options (pink and yellow) you will implement from the Nursing Statistics Memo in the “Nursing Options” PDF.

Discuss decision-making processes in creating a budget.

Part 2: Analysis Paper

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper. Your paper should:

1. Discuss decision-making processes in creating a budget.

2. Explain the role of variance analysis in maintaining an operating budget.

3. Differentiate between managerial accounting and financial management.

4. Explain generally accepted accounting principles applied to the health care industry and how they are applied to your Operating Budget Projection.

5. Discuss the decision between the two labor alternatives facing the management of PFCH and the annual cost increase of each.

6. Make a recommendation about which labor alternative should be chosen.

7. Justify and analyze the labor decision that you recommend. Your justification should present numbers related to fiscal management including how each decision affects the 2010 Budget Projection.

8. Analyze the effect of your decision on the operating budget, including:

A. The opportunity cost of your recommendation

B. How your recommendation affects employee satisfaction

C. How your recommendation affects patient care and patient satisfaction

Cite a minimum of 4 sources with academic or peer-reviewed sources to support your perspectives .

Format your paper and sources according to APA guidelines.


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