Criminology Assignment 5 7 Pages Work Follow 3 Steps Exactly As Instruction

Community Redevelopment Proposal

A criminologist is someone who engages in the scientific study of criminal behavior.They use data and trends to study the extent, causes, control and prevention of crime.

For this assignment, you are to assume the role of someone who is interviewing for theposition of Director of Community Development and Restoration. The position islooking for an expert in criminology, one who could look at data, predict some trends,identify causes of crime, and recommend solutions. This position, in particular, is tolead efforts to revitalize impoverished and high crime areas. A large part of this positioninvolves working closely with the court system to develop programs that are needed tohelp address the high rates of offenders returning to the system. Hence, they arelooking for someone who could help identify the root causes of these crimes andrecommend programs to reduce the return of these offenders to the system. As part ofthe interview process, you must put together a proposal including a minimum of 3-5references using APA formatting and includes the following:

Step 1. Choose a crime.

Due in Unit 12.
Pick a specific crime. Peruse the newspapers or other online sources. This can includeany type of offense: violent, public order, property, green collar, white collar, and/ordrug related. You can pick any location of your choosing, including Chicago andsurrounding communities. This section should include:
a. Type of crime
b. Identify instances of crime in a specific community.
c. Full description of the crime and the community you are investigating.

  • Crime descriptiono Definitiono Classification (felony or misdemeanor)o Prevalence data in the community you selected.
  • Community descriptiono Demographics (age, ethnicity, gender, etc.)

o Household Incomeo Educational levels

Step 2. Identify a theory.

Due in Unit 14.
Here, you should identify a theory which explain the crime and criminal behavior.a. Identify the theory
b. Describe the basis of the theory
c. Why is it a good fit for this criminal event and community?

Step 3. Identify a solution.

This is the biggest section of your proposal. There are really two sections to this section.You are to identify data and trends relative to your crime and then you are torecommend solutions.

With this section, you are to first gather data pertaining to the particular crime. Look at avariety of sources, including the Uniform Crime Report, FBI, Bureau of Justice Statistics,National Criminal Justice Reference Service, Illinois Criminal Justice InformationAuthority, and local police and crime reports. Explain trends relative to that particularcrime. Why are these crimes such problem for your community and why is it importantto attach this particular problem?

The second part of this section is to recommend solutions. Here you are to identifyprograms that could address your crime. No need to reinvent the wheel here. Again,conduct a search on the Internet for services and programs that already exist. Forexample, if drugs is the focus of your case, then you may look under drug programs forcriminal offenders, inpatient drug services, outpatient drug services, drug rehabilitationprograms for minor offenders and so on. You would do the same if your cases involvemental health issues, anger management, poverty related, etc. Pick a few programs,summarize them and discuss how they would help to impact crime in your community.

Specifically, this section should include:
a. Summarize data relative to your particular crime.
b. Discuss why this crime has become a problem for your area and why it is important toaddress this issue.
c. Identify a program or programs that would help reduce this crime.
d. Describe the program, including the conditions and services provided.
e. Discuss how this program would address recidivism of your particular case andothers like it.

Please note that the biggest (and worth the most points) section of this report is theIdentify the Solution. Your solution should include data regarding the crime and asolution that addresses the trends identified through the data. Justify yourrecommendation giving appropriate reasons. Support your answer with data.Deliverable length: 5 – 7 pages


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