Dante’s Inferno Canto 25-30 Discussion Post

400-500 words. Please talk about inferno canto 25-30. Suggest canto 26 but you could decide. Please do close reading analysis (I’ve attached the close reading screenshot). Mention at least one and analyze it.

How to write the post is also attached in the screenshot. Please use specific quotes when analyzing.

I’ve also attached a student’s post for a previous canto on how she analyzed about the language.

Your posts should reflect your thoughts about the reading, so do not feel pressure to follow a set format. If you feel unsure about how to approach writing a post, try one of the following.

Identify a passage/image from the reading that you find important. Write about your reaction and analyze the passage/image.
Make a connection between two passages or materials we have studied. How and why do you think these connect?
Pose a question that you would like us to discuss as a class. (Avoid ‘fact-based’ questions that can easily be answered with a Google search.) What part/s of the reading for today made you think about this question? How do you think the question relates to the themes we are exploring this week?
Answer a question that has come up in lecture or section. What do you think? How do you explain your answer?
Make a connection between the texts we read this week and another reading or material that you have encountered in a different class. How do you think these connect? Why do you think this connection is important?

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