Read The attachment and answer the following Question

Case studies provide “real-world” scenarios for you to practice the skills you have learned in public administration. The use of case studies has always been a common practice in the fields of medicine and the law. My goal with providing you these will be that you will see what some of the problems you will face in the field of public administration, that you will be able to take the learning you have received and apply those in an environment of moving relationships and changing objectives. This is both the excitement and the challenge of this field.

The key to managing these case studies is to be engaged! As you review the case studies I am looking for you to identify the problems, analyze the issues, identify solutions, and work with others in resolving the challenge.

Having become familiar with the case “No Easy Road to Recovery,” please give your perspective on the following questions:

What competing values are in conflict as Reva Reed, the city manager, makes her decision?
What would Reed do? What would you do in her situation? Are there alternatives she is overlooking? What previous action might she have taken?
Assuming Reed resigns, is her desire for post-resignation control over subsequent events justified? Is there a time when a person in a difficult situation needs to just let go and move on?
What are some of the obstacles and opportunities that you identified to solve the decision problem?
For a city manager, what are the advantages and disadvantages to resigning, to retiring, and to being fired?
In general, what can we learn from the experiences of those involved in this case?

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