Develop a marketing mix for the new product

Develop a marketing mix for the new product

– Product [2+2+2+2]

Describe the new product that will be introduced to the market. In your discussion refer to the
(a) benefits,
(b) packaging,
(c) added services and
(d) possible drawbacks.

– Distribution [2+2]

Elaborate on the distribution strategy for the new product. Firstly, identify what type of stores the product(s) will be available in and motivate why you believe this is a good store type for the brand. Secondly, identify where the product(s) will be available and motivate why these stores will be selected.


Develop four promotional activities to communicate the introduction of the new product. Each promotional activity should be:

· explained in detail (written half page per promotional activity)

· creative and original

· supported with relevant visual elements to support written discussion

– Price [3+4+1]

Consider the pricing for the new product. In your discussion, identify and elaborate on
a) the pricing objective and strategy,
(b) the price tactics and
(c) the actual price of the product(s). Motivate all your choices.

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