Development Depicted As a group, select a television show

Development Depicted As a group, select a television show. Identify key characters and development-related issues depicted within the show. The group will develop a work product (e.g. presentation, video, or paper) that addresses the following:  Provide a basic description of the show.  Each team member will select a character, and provide a “profile” (i.e. description) of their character including basic demographic information, personality traits, etc. What phase/stage of life is the character in? What developmental challenges does the character face?  As a group, process regarding the dynamics between the characters? In what ways do they impact one another? {This will likely require you to identify specific episodes that you will watch and focus on}  Considering the show itself and what it depicts, address the question: what influence might this show have on individual development? Group development? {This is referring to the show’s ability to influence the viewer’s development.} The Threat As a group, identify a threat to “normal development”. It may be a threat to psychological,


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